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Everything You Wondered About Yoni Eggs But Were Too Afraid To Ask

This originally appeared on yoni expert Sofia Sundari's blog.  Our womb and yoni is our inner sanctum, a place to access our wisdom, our power. We all come from this magical, profound place. And yet, generally we don’t honor this sacred place, most of us use our wombs as psychic garbage bins, throwing the emotions there that we’re unwilling to feel or face. It takes courage to make the choice to reconnect with ourselves, to honor ourselves, and to celebrate ourselves as a sexual being. The stone egg practice to strengthen the vagina emerged in ancient China. For a long time it was a secret practice, only available for the members of the royal family. Since ancient times these practices have...

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These Crystals Are Great For Staying Sane In A Toxic Workplace

A lot of people are awakening right now. And if you're going through it, you may realize that showing up to work 9 to 5 in a cubicle is a new challenge because your toxic supervisor, gossipy coworkers or workload are driving you crazy. Or maybe you're realizing that you want to do more with the time you're on this planet, so deep down inside you're contemplating what you're true calling is, and how you can escape and be free. It may not be easy to up and quit because bills, bills, bills, but crystals are cool because their energy can form a protective shield around you or your work space to help you get through the day. Check out...

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Ever Wondered How Crystals Work? Here's How To Sense Their Energy

Youtuber Ryan Cropper gives a thorough explanation of how crystals work and affect our emotional and physical bodies as well as how to best sense their energy. He also talks about some of the lesser known properties of dark stones such as obsidian and black tourmaline. Follow Ryan on Youtube.  Press play! Have you checked out our Curated Crystal Collection? We have labradorite, super sevens & more for sale!

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Watch: Ralph Smart Of Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) Teaches Us How To Balance All 7 Of Our Chakras

Ever wanted to know how to balance your chakras? Ralph Smart of Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) shares the foods and crystals you need to make sure all seven of your chakras are wide open, baby! As he likes to say, "Stay well, stay healthy, peeeeaaaacccceee."  Oh, and press play!    Also check out our chakra balancing jewelry:  Wire-Wrapped Tree Of Life Chakra Balancing Necklace Tree Of Life Wire Wrapped Crystal Necklace 7 Chakra Palm Stone Set Quartz Chakra Pendant  

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