Essential Kegel Exercises For Your Yoni Egg

Yoni eggs are a natural way to exercise your pelvic floor muscles. This exercise increases blood flow and enhances sexual sensation which can increase libido and stimulate more intense orgasms. 

One way to use a yoni egg is to insert it into your vagina and use your pelvic floor muscles to hold it in place as you go about your day. But if you've never done kegel exercises before you may not have the strength to do this.

If you are a beginner to yoni eggs, here is an exercise to get you started. You should aim for at least five minutes a day of kegels to really workout your pelvic floor muscles. They are the ones you’d use to control the flow of urine.

Insert your yoni egg and contract your pelvic floor muscles and hold for five seconds. Then relax for five seconds and repeat. Aim for about ten sets, three times a day if you can. You can wear your yoni egg while you do everyday activities once your pelvic floor muscle has gotten a little stronger. You don’t need to wear it all day, but 20 minutes, four times a week is enough to keep up your pelvic strength.

After use, take your yoni egg out and wash it with soap and water. Dry it with a soft cloth. Don't use any harsh chemicals on your crystal eggs as they can be harmful. For extra cleaning, you can use a solution of one part vinegar to three parts water. Also it doesn't hurt to smudge your Yoni Egg every once in a while with burning sage.

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