How We Grew Our Instagram To More Than 36K Followers In Less Than A Year

We're so excited that we've managed to grow our tribe to more than 36,000 crystal lovers on Instagram who are vibrating higher because of our crystal pipes, yoni egg sets and crystal accessories

But when we first set out to grow our crystal-loving tribe for Crystals Are Cool on Instagram, it was an unexpected challenge.

With 1 billion active users the highest interaction rate of any social network, we knew we needed to have a strong presence on Instagram in order to reach the spiritual community and grow our sacred business.

But out of the gate, we weren't seeing the level of growth and traction we were hoping for and were spending so much time creating and curating image posts, finding relevant hashtags, engaging with new followers and reading analytics that we were feeling burnt out. Dinner conversations quickly turned into us zoned out on our phones following as many crystal enthusiasts as we could instead of being mindful and in the present moment. 

Raise your hand if you can relate to our experience?

Those months sucked. It was an unsustainable system. We knew we had to find a way to beat Instagram's algorithm so our light could reach our tribe.

Finally after some time searching for a solution, we stumbled upon our Sacred Business Growth System that has enabled us to exponentially grow our tribe in only 9 months without any gimmicks, fake or bot followers.

Good-bye struggle. Hello alignment.

Our sales generated from Instagram has helped us grow Crystals Are Cool into a 6-figure business and create a lifestyle we're excited about, all while sharing our love of crystals.

Now we're happy to reveal our secrets to help take your sacred business to the next level. 

Imagine you're able to engage with your tribe and see your sacred business' following doubling, tripling, quadrupling right before your very eyes! And imagine you're reading through dozens of comments from passionate followers and receiving orders from enthusiastic customers.

How would that make you feel? We can tell you, it feels amazing!

It's even lowered our ad costs. And who doesn't love that? 

That's the magic of our Sacred Business Growth System.

Why spend months or even years trying to grow your sacred business? Nobody has time for that. And with 71 percent of businesses active on Instagram and more than 80 percent of users following their favorite businesses on the social network, it's never been easier to reach your tribe. Shine your light!

Let us help you have the same success. Head over HERE to learn more and sign up. 

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