Sacred Business Instagram Growth Service

Hey Healers, Energy Workers, Entrepreneurs, Empaths & Intuitives!

Are You Looking To Grow Your Tribe On Instagram And Take Your Sacred Business To The Next Level?

Does this sound like you?

💎 Passionate about your business but frustrated because your business isn't growing?
💎 Overwhelmed by constantly having to be on social media and learn methods that seem to work for everyone else, but not you?
💎 Frustrated because you see others growing their following on Instagram but don't know what their "secret" is?
💎 Tired of feeling like you aren't reaching the people who will actually buy your product or service?
💎Excited at the thought of building a business that allows you to do what you love and help thousands of people?

Are you passionate about healing others with your sacred business?

Are you constantly on Instagram liking, posting and commenting and still not seeing your tribe grow as fast as you would like?

You are not alone.

With the massive growth of Instagram there is endless opportunity reach like-minded souls and grow your tribe.

But with this abundance of people it can be hard to get noticed and grow your following organically.

If you are like most people your strategy for Instagram is to post good content consistently, use relevant hashtags and wait for the followers to roll in.

How's this working for you?

If you are reading this, it's probably not going as well as you would like.

If you want to take your brand to the next level and achieve massive Instagram growth consistently then you have to use strategies that the majority or brands and users on Instagram are not.

We too struggled at first to grow our Instagram following.

We were posting content that resonated with our audience and using very relevant hashtags but our growth was slow and inconsistent.

We didn't want to buy any followers because we knew those weren't real and we needed real sales.

We continued to struggle until we figured out the secret to massive organic growth on Instagram.

And In less than a year our following exploded to more than 40K crystal lovers around the world. And before we knew it we grew our passion for crystals into a business with a engaged tribe of healers, empaths and energy workers!

The Sacred Secret

So what made the difference?

We learned that the key to growing on Instagram is to be proactive and to engage with as many people who would want to be apart of your tribe as possible.

That means finding where your followers hang out on Instagram and engaging with them by following, liking and commenting on their posts. This will get them to do the same back to you.

As they say to get a friend you have to be a friend.

By doing this many times a day and being as targeted as possible your following will begin to skyrocket.

This is the MOST EFFECTIVE strategy for your growing your Instagram fast & organically.

We've successfully grown many other brands with this proven strategy and will grow yours too!

With our sacred business growth service we actively manage your account and engage with those who are most likely to become apart of your tribe.

We do highly targeted & comprehensive research on your target audience and then we begin to build a relationship with them through active engagement.

We also optimize your account over time to make sure you are getting the most followers and unfollowing those who do not engage our follow you back.

With years of experience growing Instagram accounts we understand what it takes to grow your high vibe brand on Instagram quickly and organically and now we are sharing our secret success system to help you do the same!

We created our Instagram growth service for those with high vibe businesses who want to share their gifts and grow their business on Instagram.


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Can You Relate?
💎 You have a crystal, essential oils, yoga, Reiki, massage or another type of sacred business and want to grow your tribe on Instagram quickly and organically.
💎 You are already posting high vibe content on Instagram, but your tribe isn’t growing as fast as you would like.
💎 You have tried engaging and attracting your high vibe tribe and are getting burnt out on Instagram instead of shining your light and growing your business.

Stop Feeling Depleted From Growing Your Business & Start Feeling Energized!

Our Sacred business growth service will help you grow your tribe on Instagram while you sleep and help your business vibrate higher. We do the heavy-lifting for you, allowing you to focus on creating and sharing your brilliant talents and gifts.

Why Instagram Matters To Your Business
💎 Instagram currently has over 1 billion active users
💎 71% of U.S. businesses use Instagram
💎 The majority of users on Instagram are women with significant buying power
💎 Instagram users are 70% more likely to make purchases on their phone
💎 Instagram has the highest interaction rate of any social network

How Does Our Sacred Business Growth Service Work?

We manage your Instagram account using our proven strategies to grow your tribe with passionate followers just like we did yours.

Step 1

Tell us about your business, your goals and anything else we need to know so that we can target your tribe on Instagram.

We do comprehensive research on your core audience to find those who are passionate about your business and are most likely to follow you and become part of your tribe.

Step 2

We drive targeted traffic to your Instagram page by engaging with your ideal customer so that your tribe grows quickly and organically.

Then we engage with your ideal customer by following and liking their best content so that they will follow you and ultimately become followers and potential customers.

Step 3

As your tribe grows, we will continue to optimize and improve our strategy so that you are getting the maximum engagement from your most passionate followers.

What Our Sacred Business Instagram Growth Service Can Do For Your Business?

💎 A Growing Tribe of Passionate Followers
💎 Fast & Targeted Organic Follower Growth
💎 Increased Sales & Engagement
💎 Decreased Ad Costs

All Information Is Safely & Securely Stored On A Private Server & NEVER Shared With 3rd Parties. Our Service Is 100% Confidential.

We Target Real People
No Fake Followers Or Bots.
Our Service Is Human-Powered And Guaranteed To Attract Real Followers & Create Real Results!

We Use Proven Strategies That Leverage Instagram's Algorithm For Maximum Engagement & Organic Growth.
We have successfully grown sacred businesses of all types and we can help yours do the same.

Instagram rewards those with a large passionate following and even unlocks features only available to influencers such as tagging products directly via the posted image.

Once you reach 10K followers, you will be able to include links in your stories and direct traffic straight to your website or product page, which will drive even more sales!

Let us help you take your sacred business to the next level by skyrocketing your Instagram growth.



Limited Time Sale
$88/Month (Reg. $99/Month)
Click Here To Sign Up Now

With Love,

Crystal Hunter

P.S. : Right now when you sign up, we are offering $11 OFF our normal monthly rate of $99 for our email & Instagram subscribers.

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