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Red Jasper Generator

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A pyramid or also commonly referred to as a generator has six facets that join together to form a point. This shape is optimal for generating a lot of energy, so this lil pyramid packs a punch along with delivering strong healing energy. The shape helps focus and clarify the healing properties of any crystal type.

Red jasper (aka brecciated jasper) is very grounding, so keep it near you on those days when you feel like you're floating off somewhere and your thinking is cloudy. It helps to resolve unjust situations because it brings issues to the surface before they become too challenging to deal with. Even if you have a tough challenge, red jasper can calm your emotions enough to handle it. Keeping it near you when you sleep can help with dream recall. It works with your root chakra and can stabilize your aura and help with establishing safe boundaries. This pyramid is great for your home office or workplace.

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